Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today's Leadership Contest--In a Nutshell

Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon are potentially polarizing figures who could split the Liberal anti-NDP coalition, with Clark encouraging the Conservative/Interior faction to think separation; and Falcon loosening up middle of the road liberals for the NDP.

Abbott and De Jong are a bit dull but will hold the centre.  As I said back on December 17, De Jong would probably make the best premier, but  (as I said back on November 28) Abbott is the best compromise choice.  Abbott is not only the 'insider' who is most distanced from Campbell and the HST, but is also the only candidate from the interior of the province, which held court under the Bennetts and has felt marginalized under the Liberals.

Clark is obviously the best (most colourful) media personality of the bunch, but you could have said the same of Bill Vander Zalm and Glen Clark.  She shares their automatic, egotistical quality--she cannot help being herself. And she lacks Campbell's business experience or industry and intellectual curiosity about policy, which means she wouldn't profit from the same long learning curve as Campbell, even if the electorate afforded her that opportunity (which it won't).

20 people in cabinet--not one supported Clark
12-13 women in caucus--not one supported Clark
47 people in the Liberal caucus--only one supported Clark (somebody named "Harry Bloy").

I still say, she will be a disaster as premier.  You read it here first.


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Mark Crawford said...

Dix is a good shot and Clark is a highly combustible target.