Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Grim Prospect

A ll I wanted for the New Year was:

1) Christy Clark not to become leader of the Liberals

2) Adrian Dix not to become leader of the NDP

3) Stephen Harper not to get a majority

Yet Clark wins over her simple minions by touting her light baggage; Dix surges to the fore by taking instant memberships and ethnic bloc-voting to a new level;  and the prime minister dismisses the Speakers' ruling  that the government flouted the rights of Parliament by refusing to provide parliamentarians with information about the cost of its key programs,  as mere "parliamentary procedure", stressing the importance of the "economy" instead.   Polls suggest that he might get away with it.

Our politics is drifting into shallow waters indeed.


Bernard von Schulmann said...

So far you only have one of the three. So do you think you are lucky?

Mark Crawford said...

No. I am pessimistic about the other two. But I suppose you are right. There is nothing inevitable about a Dix premiership or a Harper majority. But a grim forewarning might serve a purpose--as a warning.