Saturday, November 10, 2012

Remembering Billy McIntyre--and a Suggestion

I remember my father saying that he and a few other boys from the Prince Albert -Paddockwood area of Northern Saskatchewan had decided to sign up in 1941 , event hough they legally  weren't quite old enough yet. The following year they were off to Britain, where they were stationed and trained for a  year or so. Dad saw heavy fighting in Italy, including the battle of Monte Cassino, before his active duty was ended by a bout of malaria.

Another boy from the neighbourhood, I think he said his name was Billy McIntyre--wasn't so lucky.  I remember Dad saying "he was on the beach in  Normandy and got hit right between the eyes."  I think every Billy McIntyre deserves to be remembered  by name.

One way to ensure that people like Billy McIntyre are never forgotten is  to list them on a website. In addition, every school in Canada could adopt a certain number of fallen veterans for its remembrance.I believe that the number of fallen Canadian soldiers since 1914 is @ 117,000; divide that  among Canada's schools according to where they were born and/or attended  The average elementary school and secondary school would have 8 soldiers whose faces and names  could be displayed in a conspicuous place in the school.  

(According to Statistics Canada data, there are approximately 15,500 schools in Canada:
  • 10,100 elementary
  • 3,400 secondary
  • 2,000& mixed elementary and secondary
  • The overall average is 350 students per school
In 2004–05, provinces and territories reported that there were 5.3 million students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools. )

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