Thursday, November 18, 2010

Advice for Mitt Romney in 2012: Choose Lisa Murkowski As Your Running Mate

The historic victory of Lisa Murkowski on a write-in ballot in the November 2010 as the new Senator for Alaska presents a stark contrast to the former governor of that State who shot to prominence in 2008.  First, Murkowski ran --and won--as a true outsider, i.e. having lost the nomination of the Republican Party. Second, unlike all those other rogue outsiders who got their feet in the door in 2010, Murlowski is a  centrist moderate.  Third, she is a sensible woman whom millions of middle-class women can readily identify with---at least as much as they can identify with publicity-seeking  Palin.

If the establishment of  the Republican Party is worried that the Tea Party is causing the GOP to  tack too far to the right, a Murkowski nomination might make eminent electoral sense as well, balancing the Romney ticket in terms of gender and geography as well as ideology and temperment. If ever a vice-presidential running mate was tailor-made to attract  the independent voter, Ms Murkowski is it.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to give Mitt some advice. Everyone knows, Mitt, that you reacted to John Huntsman Jr.'s news of running for president by showing your face ASAP on Letterman and subjecting yourself to such ridicule. It looks as though you weaseled your way onto his show and Letterman didn't even let you sit down and talk. You sacrificed your dignity. Letterman made a mockery of you. It reflected negatively on your common sense. Don't lower yourself like that again.

Also, stop acting like a china doll in a glass display -- pretty boy popular Mitt -- wee look at me Mitt. Get serious, speak as though you're in a church disciplinary council -- slow and low toned and concerned about people and not try to impress people on how pretty you look standing there.