Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Conservatism's Relativism about the Truth

Of course he rejects the Statistics Canada report concerning the definition of a recession. Just like he and other conservatives reject the ICPP reports on climate change, United Nations and Amnesty International reports on Palestine, unanimous verdicts of the Supreme Court of Canada concerning criminal justice and the rule of law, the concerns of Sheila Fraser and Marc Mayrand about the Fair Elections Act, the Parliamentary Budget Officer on C-35s, the leading legal experts on Bil C-51 and the leading trade experts on FIPPA, and scientists on just about anything...the scary thing about this government and the constellation of interests and ideas that it represents is that they do not respect any authority other than their own.


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Pamela Mac Neil said...

And they do not recognize the authority of the Canadian electorate, by running an open campaign. Instead only Canadians who have been vetted and given an invitation can attend Harpers campaign stops. It doesn't seem to stop does it. Hopefully we will stop them in October. The Canadian electorate is one entity I'd like to see exert it authority and vote Harper out.