Monday, February 21, 2011

The sad irony of Conservative personal attack ads

The early poll results from Globe-CTV News following the recent Conservative government blitz of negative personal attack ads have confirmed my worst fears: that audacious and disingenuous negative personal attack ads outside the confines of an election campaign have not been rejected as un-Canadian, but swallowed as completely as if we were a bunch of NASCAR-crazed FOX-TV addicts from Mississippi.

This is sad, not because Conservatives are again leading the Liberals, but because of why they are leading the Liberals.  It is because Mr. Igantieff's reputation has suffered, even though he has had no new scandals, and not because of the Tories' recent  policy announcements.

It is also ironic--because the message---that Mr. Ignatieff is somehow too American and too selfish for spending all that time at Harvard--- is too hypocritical to take seriously. Conservatives are not only succeeding in Americanizing our political discourse, they are painting the kettle black.

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kirbycairo said...

Canadians have simply turned into a bunch of suckers who are willing to swallow any right-wing tripe of hate and fear-mongering that they are served up. We are screwed. So it goes.