Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Short Honeymoon for Christy Clark

1. Caucus didn't support her. Her first decision--does she keep her
promise and shove a snap election down her caucus's throat? Or does she break her first promise?

2. Pick another fight with the teachers, so she has something other than herself to campaign on? Does she keep another promise (lobby the feds to reverse Toseko Lake decision) and pick a fight with First Nations?

3. Does she borrow some plaid shirts from Gordon Campbell for when
ventures into the interior? Jeans and a Cowboy hat for the Williams Lake Stampede?

I still say: She will be a disaster.

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kirbycairo said...

Yes, but Campbell was an unbelievable disaster but still won two elections. And what is amazing is that despite the fact that he is slightly right of Attila the Hun, many federal Liberals embrace him simply because he represents a so-called "Liberal Party."