Thursday, March 03, 2011

Leonard Krog for Premier

A lot of New Democrats will be tempted to fight fire with fire and elect media-savvy professional politico Adrian Dix to do battle with media-savvy premier Christy Clark. Since this is a TV world, and Clark and Dix have had the most media exposure, they were both likely to rise to the top.  The Hollow Man can beat the Shallow Woman, the reasoning goes, especially since her party has already been in office for a decade.

 Resistance to this logic is probably futile, but I shall keep on trying.

I beg to differ with the conventional wisdom: fight fire with water, shallowness with substance. Leonard Krog is an intelligent man who has both succesfully raised a family (I taught his daughter, who is a fine person, when I was an instructor at Malaspina) and had his own law practice in Nanaimo. He has the warmth of personality and subtle humour of someone who is real and has led a full life.  He is into his third term as a MLA, and  with that plus his legal background  I think that he could handle the transition to power as well as most people.

B.C. needs someone with the moderate temperment and balanced vision of Mike Harcourt, but with  a bit more gravitas and personality. David Vickers or Tom Berger would have been ideal, but are not available. Joy McPhail is deserving, but tired of the business and thus not a candidate; Gregor Robertson is not quite yet ready.  Leonard Krog fits the bill and should do fine.


Bernard von Schulmann said...

I feel Leonard Krog would be another Skelly, smart, reasonable and on the ball in small groups, but weak in the glare of the media.

He also has the baggage of losing to Carole James even though he was many times better suited for the job than she was. It says a lot about your leadership skills if you can not win when there is little serious competition.

He is a good person for a cabinet

Mark Crawford said...
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Mark Crawford said...

don't think that the baggage of losing to Carole James is as heavy as the baggage of having been Glen Clark's right hand man in both ferry gate and casino gate.

I also think it's a shame that Carole had to go before Gregor was ready.

But both Leonard and Mike Farnworth are capable of winning the next election--as even Carole James was.

no dix please!